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done right.

A science based tool that helps you with recruitment

Based on the research of nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman and other science heroes


Time saved on flipping CVs

Discover how our solution saves 90% of you time spent flipping through CVs


minutes for candidates

The General Performance Indicator test (GPI) is completed quickly and is designed to reduce stress for candidates


The cost of turnovers

Hiring the wrong candidate is expensive for your company. Using Testhub lowers the risk of wrong hires.

Autonomy Matcher

We match the candidates’ need for job autonomy with the role specific autonomy level in order to reduce turnover.

The Science Behind It.

Research shows that expert intuition in a recruitment situation is extremely exposed to biases and noise - two psychological phenomena leading people to make bad recruitment decisions. This makes it hard for organisations to achieve true diversity because we unconsciously prefer people who look or behave like ourselves.

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Recruitment like you never seen before

EU A.I. act compliant

Testhub use are transparent algorithm that is compliant with the new EU AI Act

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Minimize wrong hiring
Scientific Method.

Recruitment method combining available research on human decision making

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